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  • Where do the after-school program sessions take place?
    On the school oval, our coaches will be on the oval ready to greet the children as soon as the school bell rings.
  • Do we pick the children up from the classroom?
    No, we meet all players on the school oval.
  • What does my child need to play soccer?
    Shorts, T-Shirt, Runners/Boots & Water.
  • Can my child wear their school uniform for Soccer?
  • Does my child have to have the Soccer X strip?
  • Can I still sign up my child for the program even though it has already started?
  • Do partners have to stay and watch the session?
    No, we will assume responsibility for the children for the hour session.
  • What year groups are the After School programs open to?
    Prep - Year 6, children will be split into groups according to age.
  • What are the uniform requirements for players participating in mini leagues?
    All players participating in mini leagues must be equipped with a uniform supplied by Sports X.
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